High-Performance Wipes

eSpin manufactures and markets high performance dry wipes for critical cleaning needs. These wipes are useful in removing dry dust in wood shop, paint shop, and finishing operations.

SimwYpes® non tacky, tack cloth, are manufactured using best performing fabric and are available in various packing size. This dry wipe, smooth to the touch yet retains very high tackiness on the microscopic level leaving behind no trace. In addition to vigorous testing in the laboratory, it also works at home to dry-buff the alloy wheels on car to remove stubborn brake and road dirt that leaves the wheels bright and showroom-shiny. The wipes are able to polish many other products.

Cleaning industry experts claim this to be a ‘super dusting cloth’ with applications in laboratory clean up, radiological decontamination and industrial accidents and believe it could make "clean rooms" truly clean.

SIMWyPES ® cleaning cloths are perfect for government, industrial or home use. This product is approved and available on GSA.gov.

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